Monday, February 1, 2010

A Real Zombie Jamboree!

While waiting for my breakfast at Knott's Berry Farm's Chicken Dinner Restaurant, I decided to read the placemat on the table. A brief account of the history of the amusement park is written on it:

It's the usual boring and fluff-us-up stuff until 2009's entry:

Read it closely ... decedents attended. Decedents. Dead people. I like Mrs. Knott's chicken but I'm not sure I'd wake from my eternal slumber for it. Maybe they came for the biscuits. YUM! Now those are worth the trip.

Update: I called over to the restaurant to let them know that the word they were probably going for (unless they really did roll in coffins and corpses) was "descendants". Wonder how long it'll take to get a reprint.


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