Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dit Da Jow

I seem to have a wicked case of tendinitis in my elbow/forearm and a friend suggested that I give her uncle's Dit Da Jow a try.  Her mother uses it to alleviate arthritic pain and has also used it to quickly heal the bruising left after a serious bicycle accident.

When I first opened the bottle and smelled it, I looked at the label to see if it had an octane rating.  It is not an unpleasant smell at all, just a bit strong. You simply rub it well into areas of discomfort and let it work its magic.

I didn't really notice a significant cooling or heating sensation but after about 20 minutes I did notice that my range of motion was slightly improved and that the achiness wasn't nearly as pronounced. It lasted long enough for me to get a few good hours of sleep (the pain has been keeping me up at night). Rub downs with IcyHot haven't produced results like this at all. With this liniment and R.I.C.E., I have been able to reduce my Advil consumption. Good for me and my stomach, bad for Wyeth.

The only thing about this blend that doesn't thrill me is the odor that's left after a few hours. I went out to dinner one night, returned home and was a little dismayed that my clothes and hair seemed to smell like food. I was a little confused that I smelled particularly of curry when I had Mexican. After a few minutes I realized it was my arm that smelled like curry. It isn't an awful odor or anything - I just wasn't expecting it. It's nothing worse or as pungent than the scent left by IcyHot though.


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