Saturday, January 2, 2010

Survey Saturday: Scotch Brite Toilet Scrubber

I've been using the Scotch Brite Toilet Scrubber for about 2 years. It's a very simple product consisting of a wand and a cleaning head impregnanted with cleaning chemicals.

  • No need to touch the cleaning head to remove it. A sliding mechanism makes it easy to put it right into the trash.
  • Cleaning head is rough enough to clean thoroughly but does not leave scratches.
  • No extra cleaning solutions necessary.
  • Cleaning chemicals have a pleasant smell and are effective.
  • Cleaning head remains firmly in place.
  •  Refills are easy to find.

  • None. Cleaning the toilet is a con enough - I'm not going to use a product that makes it any harder.

Overall Impression:
  • I'll keep using this product until refills are no longer made for it (I hope that never happens).


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