Saturday, December 19, 2009

Survey Saturday: Perfect Brownie Baking Pan

I have prepared at least 4 batches of brownies,1 batch of cornbread and 1 batch of Rice Krispies Treats using the Perfect Brownie Baking Pan. Today's survey is just a review by me since nobody else in the house has used it. I have not tried any recipes in the included booklet nor the stencils.

  • Accommodated a standard sized brownie (from scratch and box) and cornbread recipe despite being smaller than a regular brownie pan.
  • Pan separates easily from bottom to expose contents.
  • Pan and bottom are easy to clean.

  • Even following recommendations to coat pan and dividers with cooking spray, brownies adhered. Cornbread separated more readily. Rice Krispies Treats weren't easily divisible (I ended up using the dividers to impress the treats and used the lines as a cutting guide).
  • Cleaning the divider is slightly inconvenient (especially the corners).
  • Dividers are flimsy and bend easily but it's easy to reshape them.
  • Batter leakage could be an issue if instructions to preheat the pan or line it aren't followed. I haven't experienced this problem because I've used either foil or parchment paper to line the pan.

Overall Impression:
  • The Perfect Brownie Pan isn't quite perfect but none of the cons are real deal-breakers.
  • Too expensive for the quality (I got it for about $20 at Kohl's).  
  • I'm not horribly disappointed by it and I'm not absolutely thrilled with it either.
I will continue to use the pan and experiment with different batters, baking temperatures, coatings, etc. and update this review.


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