Saturday, December 12, 2009

Survey Saturday: Keurig Special Edition Brewing System

The Keurig Special Edition Brewer has been in my home for one week. Below are the results of a survey of the 8 people that have used it.

We’ve agreed that:
  • Overall, the Keurig Special Edition is easy to use, convenient and less wasteful.    
  • The SE is very quick to brew yet produces good flavor.
  • The brewer is slightly larger than a standard kitchen coffee machine but it was easy to find counter space for it.
  • Variable dispensing sizes is nice.
  • It is easy to navigate and set menu items.
  • The customizable on/off times and brew temperatures are useful.
  • Once the beverage has been dispensed, there is no dripping from the spout. No more burning coffee odors!
  • Having hot water ready all the time is handy.  We prepared Cup Noodles (in its original container) using the brewer.
  • Nearly any cup you’d have a hot beverage in fits. The largest we tried was a Thermos brand 14-oz travel mug (it filled the cup area).
  • The optional water filter does improve taste.
  • K-Cups come in quite an array of flavors, intensities and types. You can even choose from hot chocolate and tea cups. Favorites so far are the CafĂ© Escapes Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa, Gloria Jean’s Hazelnut, Timothy’s Columbian Decaffeinated and Donut Shop Coffee by Coffee People.
What we didn’t quite agree upon:
  • Brew and pump noise is different but comparable to regular coffee makers. Only 1 person insisted that it was a bit quieter than the usual. 
Overall Impressions:
  • 1 person plans to purchase a Keurig SE to give as a Christmas gift.
  • 1 person would like to have one for the office.
  • 1 person has stopped using their regular coffee maker in favor of this one. This person was rather staunchly opposed to the idea of using it and switching coffee brands.
  • 8 people expect this appliance to be used daily.
Look for an updated opinion within the next few months after we’ve worked our way through the included beverage sampler pack and put the machine through its paces!


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