Friday, December 11, 2009

Pudding Potatoes

Background: Talking with someone on the phone who had mentioned that their company was having a catered holiday lunch ...

Me: Hey, how was your lunch?

Them: Oh, God. It was  N A S T Y (emphasis not mine).

Me: That bad? How do you mess up a basic turkey dinner?

Them: They had the taco truck guy cater it.

Me: Oooooh ...

I later heard that they were served stuffing that consisted of what seemed to be taco meat, dark pieces of what was presumably turkey and mashed potatoes so runny that some people thought it was pudding.

Pass the Pepto!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I put taco meat in stuffing :(

Trillian said...

Taco meat IN stuffing = Tasty.

Taco meat AS stuffing = :-x

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